The Alhambra Vol II

Farhat A. Hussain

内容Volume II of The Alhambra takes the reader on a most fascinating and highly educational journey of exploration through the main palace area of the Alhambra beginning with the Palace of Comares. The Palace of Comares is addressed via a range of issues including history, art and architecture in addition to gardens and water. Individual chambers and spaces are addressed in a robust manner. Much attention is also provided upon the Hall of the Ambassadors and its rich art, architecture and spatial organization. A rich study of the Palace of the Lions follows that deals with the history of this unique palace, spatial plan and function in addition to art and architectural features and character. High-resolution images of the various chambers of this palace including the Hall of Abencerrages, the Hall of the Kings and the Hall of Two Sisters provide breathtaking insight and access to this fascinating Nasrid era palace. Various other palaces of the Alhambra are thereafter explored ranging from the Palace of the Partal to less known palaces such as the Palace of Secano and the Palace of Yusuf III. Study of the mosque and rauda (cemetery) of the Alhambra in relation to the Nasrid period are also addressed in this section (spaces often neglected in many general works on the Alhambra and Muslim Spain). A study of the character, style and other notable aspects of the art of the Alhambra is thereafter addressed, accompanied by high resolution professional images. Moreover unique areas including colour and the art of the Nasrid flag are also addressed in this section of this volume.

This volume thereafter provides unique and rich study of the gardens of the Alhambra as a subject in its own right (as opposed to mere mention of gardens in passing), with authority, reflective of the background of the writer (qualified in historic landscapes and gardens in addition to archaeology and history, and well versed in the subject of Moorish gardens/gardens of the Islamic world). This well illustrated section of Volume II identifies and addresses various issues and topics including: Overview of the gardens of the Alhambra in relation to the Alhambra, sacred ecology, influences upon the gardens of the Alhambra during the Nasrid period, aims and philosophy of the gardens of the Alhambra, identity, compact and suspended gardens of the Court of the Myrtles and Court of the Lions, Generalife gardens, Kitchen gardens, Water, preservation of the gardens of the Alhambra and much else.

This work succeeds in providing both overview, set within correct historical and Islamic civilization of the Nasrid state context, and detailed study of specific aspects and issues pertaining to the palaces and gardens of the Alhambra that will serve to enhance the knowledge base and understanding of this magnificent site and rich cultural heritage. Volume II therefore serves as superb follow up to Volume I and ideal preparation for Volume III, the final Volume in this rich series on the Alhambra.



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