hE@D #1 Friz Freleng Foetus Christopher Makos Chimera David Braun (hE@D Magazine)

Perry Bathos
Elisa Staneff
George Delmerico
David Braun
Brettly Biedinger
Carmelita Honeybun
Ken Volok(編集)
Christopher Makos(写真)

内容Includes the first of a four part interview with legendary filmmaker Friz Freleng (Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes) by George Delmerico; interview with J.G. Thirlwell (aka Foetus, Wiseblood) by Perry Bathos of Fifth Column Fetish; fine art photography by Christopher Makos; interview with Chimera by Elisa Staneff; "Bloodbath in Vancouver" an account of ACT-UP protests at XI International AIDS Conference in 1996; poetry by David Braun and more. Cover photo: "Painted Cat" by Brettly Biedinger.

Editors Note:
Dear Reader,
I am very proud to present to you the very first issue of hE@D Magazine, unavailable until now for over twelve years!
In my first Editor’s note, written back in 1996 I was at a lost for words. Twelve years later I have the cool and wild rollercoaster ride that became hE@D Magazine in my experience- and the respected publication it became, of which I am very proud.
Inspired by Maximum Rock and Roll, Foetus Acid, Warhol’s Interview, EXIT, Mute, and Vanity Fair; I had long wanted to start a “zine” when at a Christmas Party in 1995 that dream started to become reality. Thanks to the hard work, talent and passion Benjamin Pike and Elisa Staneff the first issue was out in January.
This first issue, which you are probably reading in a digital format was originally mass produced via high quality Xerox. Our art director, Benjamin Pike labored and experimented for hours to ensure that the quality of the final books matched what was on his computer screen.
Unfortunately none of the original digital files still exist for issues one and two. Instead I have reverse mastered the original master pages, and these new scans should duplicate the original reading experience of this first issue while still maintaining legibility, readability and quality reproduction of our images.
This first issue was a huge success, and the follow up sealed it. In fact it was too much success (and stress) at the time for a full time film student at UC Santa Barbara (myself) and two people working full-time in their professions. We took a five year hiatus until I was injured in a surfing accident and resurrected hE@D in 2001.
I hope you enjoy this second (digital) edition of hE@D #1.

Ken Volok
14 August 2008

出版KR Volok/hE@D Magazine


  • hE@D #1 Friz Freleng Foetus Christopher Makos Chimera David Braun (hE@D Magazine) (English Edition)