Stamp Making for Textile Artists

Judi Hurwitt

内容Have you ever wanted to use stamps in the creation of your paper, fabric or textile art, but refuse to use commercial stamps, as I do? Then it's time to make your own! You don't even need to know how to draw- if you can cut out simple shapes with a pair of scissors, you CAN make stamps that express your own unique artistic vision!

Creating your own stamps from readily available and inexpensive items is a snap and takes only minutes. This book will teach you simple techniques for making stamps that you design yourself without the need to invest in expensive vulcanizing equipment or materials. With acrylic paint, ink and dyes, you will learn how to use your stamps, how to modify them, and how to make them last for years.

For beginners or experts, this e-book contains lots of clear instructions and photographs.



  • Stamp Making for Textile Artists (English Edition)