Cyborg Art Genesis: Two universally untold stories

Guido Alvarez

内容Bug Lady, and Fishy Love are two interdisciplinary experimental narratives developed using hybrid media. Each short piece of "typoetry" merges Literature, Poetry, Communication Design, Illustration, Photography, and Fine Arts. The process encompasses hand made illustrations and computer generated graphics using state of the arts pressure activated drawing boards and wooden pencils. The technological discourse goes back and forth among different media with the stories redesigned to fit several media such as kindle for the time being. The so called original books will eventually be put for auction using ebay. They include high tech photography, hand made manuscripts and other details impossible to include in the realm of digital media. More information in the making of Cyborg Art Genesis can be found in my blog www.thefishery.typepad.com or at www.hyperscholar.com.



  • Cyborg Art Genesis: Two universally untold stories (English Edition)