SPOKEN MAGAZINE Summer 09 Pre-Release Issue

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内容SPOKEN Magazine is the “Resurgence of the Renaissance”. It is focused on bringing artists and artistry back to the forefront. SPOKEN Magazine is a gateway to alternative forms of entertainment as well as the connection for the happenings in the worlds of art and culture.

This publication was created to bridge the worlds of art and entertainment. Our aim is to keep readers informed, empowered and motivated about the rebirth of the arts movement, while adding fundamental value back to entertainment.

Our readers are the most discerning, open minded individuals, who have a thirst for culture and inspired works of art. Our readers are not limited by varying forms of expression and our subscribers comprises a vast demographic of individuals with similar interests.

SPOKEN Magazine is the premier platform for expression; providing an ingenious mixture of timely delivered art, entertainment and culture.

Our Vision Is

To establish and maintain a working relationship with emerging and established artists and entrepreneurs who are actively engaged in promoting the arts.

To become the premier connection for artists and those interested in the arts.

To establish a print publication that eventually extends from a local grasp to a global range.

To maintain constant contact with readers and potential readers through various outlets , which will hopefully generate dialogue that is beneficial to the growth of this publication, the arts movement, and social awareness.

To capture and participate in the merger or traditionally accepted forms of art and entertainment, with that of new, fresh, and cutting edge performances and displays.

To maintain relevancy in the industry by adapting to the needs of our readers and being the first point of contact for what's emerging next.

To highlight creative individuals which comprises a vast spectrum of creative thinkers, performers, artists, and entertainers. (Poets, Spoken Word Artists, Orators, Public Speakers, Visual and Graphic Artists, Musicians, Writers, Designers, Dancers, and Actors.)

To provide a format that is palatable for both the art enthusiast and the entertainment seeker

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