Dressing to Look Young: A 15-Minute Guide Book To Help You Look Younger Than Ever

Lisa Lewis

内容Aging is inevitable and no one is exempted from it. A way to maintain constant youth is to go for surgical procedures and to buy tons of cosmetics that promises eternal youth.

Not everybody has the money or the time to spend on cosmetic procedures or to test all the beauty products that may not even work. We have therefore compiled this report to help you with ways on how to look younger by dressing correctly.

This guide will help you to look younger without looking immature, to dress in a more youthful manner, but still maintain the grace and sophistication of your age. "Dressing to Look Young: A 15-Minute Guide Book To Help You Look Younger Than Ever." will help you identify the frequent fashion mistakes and guide you to good style in fashion such as tips on:

Know Your Body Type and What Styles to Avoid
Factors That Are Aging You
Matching Jewellery Sets
Wearing Clothes Too Young for Your Age
Being Too Safe
Retro Styles Worn in Old Fashioned Ways
Underperforming Underwear
7 Personal Steps to Follow for Looking Younger
Stay Kind and Confident
Using Colors through Make-Up to Enhance Your Look
Cool or warm complexions
Determine Your Season
Assess Your Choices
Picking the Right Outfit
Determine your style
Key items and finishes
Shoes to go with your outfit
Applying makeup
Doing your hair
Coordinating Your Outfit
How to complement patterns
Choose the Right Jewellery for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape
Determine your skin tone
No Need for You to Spend a Lot of Money to Look Young
Be creative
Find the Perfect Jeans for You
The 50 Best Fashion Tips of All Time

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  • Dressing to Look Younger: A 15-Minute Guidebook To Help You Look Younger Than Ever (English Edition)