The X-Factor Manual

Jack Raven
Nigel Raven (写真)

内容The ONLY book of its kind, offering the readers proven and field tested methods to increasing the X-factor or sex appeal!

The reader can expect a dramatic improvement in his or her own sexual attractiveness in only weeks, even days of practice.

This book also teaches ways to look at the formerly intangible X-factor, to develop his own methods to further increase his sexual attractiveness-all without needing to say a single word!

Although written for the mass market? This is an indispensable book for working Models and other fashion insiders.

This is also useful for those interested in how to be a model, how to be hot, how to be beautiful, handsome and sexy without changing their physical appearances!

This will work for everyone!

From thin to obese. Young and old,not so attractive to super gorgeous, knowing the techniques and which archetypes to model after, will level up your x-factors and sex appeal!

Hint: If you've ever seen a celebrity in person, and hes "ugly", and yet has a presence about him? Is attractive in a strangely unusual way?

Thats it!

I cant promise everyone will look like Hollywood celebrities and supermodels, however I can promise a major improvement in attractiveness!

The more you've got to work with, the more powerful the effects are.

出版Jack N. Raven


  • The X-Factor Code: revolutionary SEX APPEAL INTENSIFICATION system (English Edition)