ShineOn Magazine (2013)

Ken Vereen
Ken Watts(編集)
Sarina Lyons(編集)

内容Every step we take is planted and rooted in some form of desire. We move in one direction or another because we are on a path towards something we want whether that be a job, a dream, or a form of relationship. What if I told you that the step you took 10 years ago was just as important as the step you’re about to take today? Yes, it’s true that most of us have always heard that the past is irrelevant and that today is new day, the past however is just as important as the present for it is what shapes OUR FUTURE.

Everything that we have learned, experienced, or even observed serves as a basis for why we are who we are together as an entire world and also separately as individuals. Our history of self effects our confidence, relationships, and habits. So now I ask you, what has your past made you become? What’s holding on to you? What’s directing your steps? To journey forward in the spirit we must first journey back in the mind. If you would, try to remember and understand it. Our natural inclination is to avoid the past like a plague, but I guarantee you’ll be surprised at what you discover about yourself if you dare.

Pain, confusion, and failure does not have to control you. Are you even being honest with yourself about having those types of feelings? What about those good memories that have been buried like those feelings of innocence, or the willingness to dream beyond a dream? Remember when you dreamed of growing up? Is it what you thought it would be? Do you want it to change?

I’m in the process of taking my own life and sharing it with you. I’m taking this risk to become transparent. Will YOU take it with me?

The journey of becoming is filled with endless possibilities if you are willing to embrace the idea of being at peace with the unknown. I am Sarina Lyons. I look forward to sharing my heart and baring my soul. Let you and I both become a light unto the world as we Shine On. I welcome you with open arms.

出版Ken Vereen


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