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Harrison Fisher
Harrison Fisher(イラスト)

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Harrison Fisher was known as “Father of a Thousand Girls” for his paintings of beautiful women. He was also the father of over eighty Saturday Evening Post covers. Harrison Fisher was an American illustrator. Fisher was born in Brooklyn, New York City and began to draw at an early age. Both his father and his grandfather were artists.
These images are for your personal use and artwork for sale (i.e., greeting cards, invitations, announcements, gift tags, labels, presentations, newsletters, school projects, decoupage items, altered book art, website design, web templates, fabric blocks, mechanical embroidery, jewelry, scrapbooking designs)…or anything else you can think of. If you know how to transfer an image for needle work, you can create a beautiful embroidery image as well. Let your imagination run wild!
All if these are Harrison Fisher images are 8” x 10”, 300 DPI BMP images and each is on its own page for easier printing.



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