Comic Relief North Fork

Michael O'Connor

内容Taking in nature is a means of extending what already resides within with the discovery of importance and splendor found outside. When we reach that combined conclusion we often give it a name; taking possession a new parts contingent on the final outcome. There is a trail which starts near a highway and continues along a parallel path to a mighty river, ultimately pushed along from the melt off of a distant glacier. This story is a curious account of who and what resides past the interior of a forest, and ultimately up to and on the side of a mountain. The circumstances of how one meets that significant other initially, and the longer term ramifications are described therein. The twenty-two mile journey one way conceals the moment graciously put forth, and then reveals at the precise moment of final departure twenty two miles back out. When it’s done curiosity segues to comic relief.

出版BhamAMP Business Arts MediaPlex


  • Comic Relief North Fork (English Edition)