How to Object to Next Door's Planning Application in 2013 (England & Wales)

J White

内容New for 2013. Help protect the value of your property and your quality of life.

About the author
As a former Planning Officer I have read thousands of objection letters over the years, with many making irrelevant points that couldn't be taken into consideration in determining the application. I now own and run helpmeobject.com which is an online Planning Consultancy specialising in planning objections. I set up the business because an effective objection letter can really make all the difference.

About the book
I have written this book to help you prepare a letter that has a real impact and actually influences the final decision. Being fully informed about the proposal and the planning process before you write your letter is essential. So many people find out about what they should have paid attention to and what they should have written about when the development is actually being built - by then it is far too late.

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出版J White


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