Green Sunscape

Gordon Kopacek
Ron Pacek

内容This book includes some adult material.

This is a work of fiction and set in the near future. (2030 plus).

It's about twenty compatible couples living together in Sunscape, a huge building with all glass facing the southern Minnesota sun. The sun heats the Sunscape a huge open area of green grass, fruit trees, and flowering shrubs.

The beautiful people are all about the same age (50), have finished rearing their children, are socially liberal, and fiscally conservative. They are middle class, but work at their good jobs with years of experience and top earning potential. They are all slim and trim and nice looking.

We see the building with all its safety, energy, money and work saving features. We see the farm with its huge garden, fruit trees and berry bushes. We see the Sunscape, the roof gardens, and the condos.

It is like summer in the Minnesota winter.

There is the Canteen with its variety of good food, the Library with its many books, DVDs, and games. Also the Pub with homemade beer. We see the swimming pool, the hot tub, the sauna, and the exercise room.

We watch the plays, the movies, play bridge, Texas Hold-em, and many other games. We relate to the sociable people. We socialize with many friends around the large fireplaces. Then comes summer with all its activities. This is a rich person's commune with forty beautiful people.

Ron gets introduced to the Sunscape. He tells our story while entertaining the beautiful ladies at the Sunscape and at his beach condo in Florida.

The Sunscape does not exist, however, if this is an old book gathering dust on a shelf, look to your left when approaching Minneapolis, Minnesota from the south on Interstate 35W.



  • Green Sunscape (English Edition)