Can my property flood?

John Doornkamp

内容Flooding and the threat of flooding is a great concern to all property owners.
With this self-assessment manual you can determine the flood risk for yourself.
This book describes the nature of flooding by rivers, the sea, over-flowing drains, and rising ground water.
There is a great deal that you can do to assess the degree to which your property is vulnerable to any one (or all) of these. Just use the guidance provided here and you will be much better informed.
The book also tells you how to protect your property (and contents) from flooding. It also advises you on what to do in the event of a flood.
You can also gather this information for any property that you may be wanting to buy.
The book also discusses the role of the insurer, the Environment Agency and Government. It also examines the likely increase in flood threat from rising sea-levels and increased storminess.
Read and apply, apply and be better protected. The result is money and anxiety saved.



  • Can my property flood? (English Edition)