Passive Solar by Design

César Arizmendi

内容Passive solar strategy is a fascinating design principle and a helpful tool that helps us to understand the benefits in design for any type of structure but especially for buildings. Have you ever noticed that some structures get too hot during hot days and get too cold during cold days? Here a possible reason is because we have forgotten that passive solar has benefits that helps to cool down temperatures and harmonizes with the local ecosystems. Integrating this type of strategy in our structures might help to resolve this type of issue.
This is a helpful book that helps to understand passive solar benefits, including the most relevant strategies as well as how to integrate passives principles in design.
The sun has been around for millions of years and yet, we have a lot to learn. How can we transform a natural source of energy for our benefit by implementing design principles that are beneficial for the local ecosystems without compromising on any natural source of energy?

出版César Arizmendi


  • Passive Solar by Design (English Edition)