Finding the Right House

Andrew Tabak

内容The last thing you want after buying a house is to find that there is a problem which will make it hard to sell the house. We all make quick judgments about people and things based upon the superficial. We hang onto that first impression even when facts tell us we are wrong. We are shown a clean house with flowers in bloom out front and we are tempted to buy.

Most realtors and most sellers are honest people but they are in the business of selling not flaunting shortcomings. The book I have written is intended to help you control your emotions and look beyond the color of the paint and how green the grass is. This is a guide to spotting design features that will cause headaches after you move in. It is about avoiding problems and choosing where to compromise. Where do you need more space in a house and what space is a waste for your family? What should you quickly check to avoid getting stuck with major maintenance costs? What features of the house, property, and neighborhood add value? What are the signs of quality and what are the signs of budget materials? Style is a personal choice. I am the last person to match your carpet to your wallpaper. You can handle that.

出版Andrew Tabak


  • Finding the Right House (English Edition)