Antwerp Left Bank Water Front Development

Joeri Dillen

内容The book is first of all a study of the left river bank of the
Schelde in the city of Antwerp. More than just a historical
overview, the reading of the territory of this specific location
leads to a more general vision for the left bank river front and
possible development scenarios. Only recently developed
when compared with the right bank quays, this green river
side has undergone relatively intensive changes since its development
following the second world war. A place where nature,
port activities and modernist development are in a constant
challenge, the left bank challenges conventional ideas
about transportation, ecology and sustainability, housing and
public space; demanding a creative and integrative approach.
The absence of a bridge connection to the right bank city centre
makes it a place constantly positioning itself as a ‘separate
but integral’ part of Antwerp.



  • Antwerp Left Bank Water Front Development (English Edition)