Sexy Challenges - Get Your Love Flowing

Janelle Alex Ph.D.
Rob Alex M.Sc.

内容This trio of Sexy Challenges offers you ways to spice up your sex life while moving outside of your normal boundaries. The way you communicate will expand and so will your pleasure boundaries. Let your lover know in a unique way what excites you. Build anticipation while lighting a spark that will burn and burn. That spark will turn into a blazing fire as you communicate in special, sexy ways throughout your day, your week or even longer.

You can follow each challenge the way it is described, but we encourage you to adjust it, tweak it, twist it, and turn it to fit the two of you and your relationship. Use these challenges to heighten your playfulness and take your passion to a new level.

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出版Inward Oasis


  • Sexy Challenges - Get Your Love Flowing (English Edition)