Santiago Martínez Concha
Luis Eduardo Garzón Flórez(イラスト)
Santiago Martínez Concha(翻訳)


In Japan, the Chinese symbol of the SHU represents the assembling of people or things and is used in a wide range of situations. It is also one of the oldest symbols employed by humanity to depict an incredible variety of things. Perhaps, it is the oldest and most important of them all symbol of all times. The Acadians used it as a symbol for Acad, “the god of storms”, also is the symbol of man, the constellation Orion, the frog in the Andean cultures, and of course a tree and the symbol of good and evil in other cultures.
In Japan and China the ancient form of the character was written with 3 birds (implying many) birds inhabiting a single tree. In addition, the character suggests the joyous gathering of infinite forms of living things on a finite base, the Earth„ all enjoying life together.
In this sense, the SHU is a significant guide that suggests the way we should live in the world to come. In the last two centuries, for the first time we have become aware of the need for all living things to coexist in harmony.

and we have become painfully aware of the limited resources, space and the need to share these finite gifts of nature.
THE SHU is a call that makes us reflect on the environment which encompasses everyday of our lives, we can solve many of our problems and responsibilities by rethinking the meaning of this character, addressing society as a whole to avoid a coming age of barbarism.
My gratitude goes to the artist Luis Eduardo Garzón Flórez who lived many years in China and Japan and was able to depict my poem far beyond my expectations; others like Luis Angel Parra printed a very short first edition of this work which was sold completely the first day of its launching to the public. I am greatly thankful to Amazon-Kindle to provide me with the opportunity to present my work again.

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