Cursed (Cursed: The Series)

Kelli Adams

内容How do you live a normal life when you feel your life is cursed? Haley can't quite figure that part out because she is always the victim of circumstance. There's nowhere she can hide, tragedy always finds her. But with all the bad in her life, she can always find happiness with her best friend Sam, who has been her lifeline since childhood. Through the good and bad, Sam has always been the one she could turn to and he wouldn't have it any other way. After a high school relationship goes bad for Haley, things take a turn for the worse, threatening her very existance and the ones closest to her. No matter the outcome, Haley makes a decision that will change her life forever and will impact the ones she loves most.

出版Kelli Adams


  • Cursed (Cursed: The Series Book 1) (English Edition)