Ravishing Room Service (The Heavenli Hotel Collection)

Cordelia King

内容"'Good morning,' she said. 'What can I get you today?' She couldn't tear her eyes away from this man. He had dark chocolate eyes and skin that hinted at Latino heritage. He was impeccable in a starched shirt and tailored gray suit, the only concession to the early hour was his hair which was still damp from the shower. She imagined him naked in the shower, his body slick with moisture...
Seriously, she needed to get a grip on herself. She encountered eligible businessmen every day of the week. She was meant to be a professional."

Regina has buried herself in work to try and forget her wreck of a personal life. But sleeping alone isn't good for her, and soon her sex-starved body starts longing for a playmate.

When Oliver comes to stay in the Heavenli Hotel where she manages the restaurant she's instantly drawn to him. She tries to be professional, but it seems that the attraction isn't all one-sided.

It looks like she may be on Oliver's room-service menu...

出版Cordelia King


  • Ravishing Room Service (The Heavenli Hotel Collection Book 2) (English Edition)