White Hot Revenge Complete Edition (What Goes Around)

T D Shaw

内容White Hot Revenge

Charles Carlton is a man driven by obsession and the unstoppable desire for power and control.

Nathan has spent most of his life reliving the day his family was taken from him, planning and awaiting the time for vengeance. And he’s been trained by the very best.

Marie fears and hates her uncle, desperately searching for a way to escape him.

And then there’s Kate…

Obsession, murder and passion. In White Hot Revenge, Nathan and Marie enter into an uneasy alliance, and as the months pass by while they wait for Carlton to catch up with them their bond strengthens. But haunted by their pasts, and constantly reminded of their differences, they both struggle to cope as the tension mounts.

Carlton’s many sins are resurrected, and through twists and turns each player is brought into the game for the ultimate revenge. In this first book in the ‘What Goes Around’ series we meet Kate, a self-programmed and highly intelligent assassin, who discovers the truth about her past. She waits patiently for the pieces to fall into place before she reveals her identity and delivers retribution. But the truth, once known, starts to unravel the previously lost memories, changing her forever.

In ‘Red For Betrayal’, the second book in the series, Kate makes a decision to allow the other personality inside her head a little more free rein, and that’s when the trouble really starts.



  • White Hot Revenge Complete Edition (What Goes Around Book 1) (English Edition)