Boxed Set 7 Christian Spiritual Warfare

Miriam Kinai

内容Christian Spiritual Warfare Boxed 7 tutors you on how to pray and to overcome temptation, triumph over loneliness, defeat pride, stop lying and trounce opposition.

It also teaches you the awesome Bible verses you can say as spiritual warfare prayers or Christian affirmations and reflect on as Christian meditations to help you win your spiritual battles.

This Christian book also teaches you spiritual interventions, like wearing the armor of God, as well as physical activities that you can engage in to wage effective spiritual warfare against these five conditions.

Christian Spiritual Warfare Boxed Set 7 contains the following books:
1. How to Fight Temptation with Bible Verses
2. How to Fight Loneliness with Bible Verses
3. How to Fight Lying with Bible Verses
4. How to Fight Pride with Bible Verses
5. How to Fight Opposition with Bible Verses



  • Boxed Set 7 Christian Spiritual Warfare (English Edition)