Getting Pregnant Fast: How To Zero In On Ovulation For Faster Conception

Sally Moran

Want to know WHEN you’re ovulating …

to have baby-making intercourse?

This guide will show you

I'm Sally - the author of this book ...

And I struggled just like you with all the aspects of getting pregnant ...

I thought it would happen right away, but it didn't. And when it finally did - it ended in a heart-breaking miscarriage ... then a second miscarriage.


I found the answers I needed and finally conceived my first son at age 39 and my second son at age 41 - both naturally and both pregnancies without complications.

I am committed to sharing what I learned along the way with other women just like you who are struggling to get pregnant.

Many women struggle to understand when their most fertile time of month is and when to have baby-making intercourse. It shouldn't be rocket science - and we should know this stuff - but we were never taught!

Timing is very important.
Knowing your own body and your own cycle is very important. Utilizing every tool at your disposal is very important.

In this book, you will learn about the different methods of determining ovulation, what can delay ovulation, what herbs help promote ovulation or cervical fluid, symptoms of ovulation, problems with ovulation (including PCOS and luteal phase defect), the effects of using Clomid or Femara, and more.

Plus, bonus sections on male infertility, baby gender selection, and frequently asked ovulation questions.


“This book is clear and concise. An excellent resource for anyone wanting to understand their ovulation better in order to be able to take control of their own fertility.” - September from www.4MonthsToFertile.com

“This book is full of great information for couples that are trying to conceive. Sally has explained the common 'getting pregnant' myths and provided clear answers for them. More importantly, she has given couples a clear game plan on how to bring that new little bundle of joy into their families quicker! ... Read this book if you want to increase your chances of starting or adding to your family.” - Lisa R., Mom of 2 boys


* Fully understanding BBT charting – this one method alone will clue you in on so many details of your cycle
* OPK’s – the different kinds described in detail along with pro’s and con’s of each and which methods are better for certain conditions
* Details of what I did to conceive and one-of-a-kind tips for other “advanced age” women
* Is your man fertile? – simple steps to find out (with less embarrassment for him)
* PCOS and luteal phase defect and what natural methods can help improve fertility and ovulation detection
* Artificial methods – pro’s and con’s – plus alternative natural treatments
* The best ovulation herbs for improving ovulation and fertility
* PLUS – Does stress matter? Does it matter what you eat?
* Learn why “wetter is better” and why most women get their sex timing wrong
* Do you POAS? or are other methods better?
* Plus disturbing or “dangerous” symptoms exposed
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  • Getting Pregnant Faster: How To Zero In On Ovulation For Faster Conception (English Edition)