300 Jokes & Riddles for Kids - Jokes & Riddles for Kids to Have Fun!!

Tanya Turner

内容So, you want to have fun with your kids?

Would you like to make your children and family members laugh so hard that milk comes out of their nose? Then this is the book for you!

The power of laughter is unstoppable!!

Do you know --

Why was the bug in the alphabet soup?
How do rabbits fly?
What do you get if you cross a duck with a crocodile?
What is a Doc-Doc joke?
What do you get when you cross a tornado with a mouth?

Find out the answers now!!

This ebook contains jokes about:

Creepy, Crawly Bug Jokes
Eeew, Gross!
Jokes from another Galaxy
Let’s Keep It in The Family
Tasteless Jokes about Food
Class Clowning Around
Let’s Have Some Funny Business
You Know Their Names Now Hear Their Jokes
Jokes that Can Calm a Wild Beast
Reptilian Jokes
Jokes to Pass the Time
And on Your Right, You Will See a Bunch of Jokes
When does a car not feel like itself?
Catch My Drift?
These Jokes are Making Me Sick
Jokes Weather You Like it or Not
These Jokes are So Funny, It’s Scary

Get a copy of this eBook and have a fun time sharing jokes with your kids!



  • Jokes for Kids - Jokes & Riddles for Kids to Have Fun!! (English Edition)