Traditional Sampler Verses & Symbolism of Sampler Motifs

Lesley Wilkins

内容A detailed collection of the original sampler verses used on embroidered samplers from 17th century onwards. They contained an insight into the embroiderer's life from a religious view, their short life in some cases and what their moral upbringing was based upon.
Many of the embroidered motifs used on the samplers held a special meaning, such as acorns meant fertility and life, carnations for maternal love, the lily for purity, chastity and innocence. These special meanings helped bring the sampler to life and provided it with warmth and feeling given by the needleworker. It was not just an object to be hung on the wall for show.
The embroidered sampler was not only a piece of needlework, it was a way for the creator to express their feelings and their way of life.
There are many colour photographs of original samplers to show how beautiful this art was and reading the verses will make you look at these embroideries differently in the future.

出版Lesley Wilkins


  • Traditional Sampler Verses & Symbolism of Sampler Motifs (English Edition)