North American Species of Cactus

John M. Coulter
jacobo smith(編集)

内容In the fall of 1890 Dr. George Vasey, then Botanist of the
Department of Agriculture, arranged with me to prepare a revision of
North American Cactaceae.Owing to the peculiar difficulty of preserving
material the family was poorly represented, even in our leading
herbaria.To secure a large amount of additional material in the way of
specimens and field notes the Department authorized me to visit the region
of the Mexican boundary during the summer of 1891.Preliminary to this
exploration it was necessary to examine the Engelmann collection of
Cactaceae, in the possession of the Missouri Botanical Garden.This
collection, supplemented by the continual additions made at the garden, is
by far the largest collection of skeletons and living specimens in this
country, and also contains the large majority of our types

出版Jacobo Smith


  • North American Species of Cactus (English Edition)