How to Take Great Travel Photos

Carl Morrison(写真)

内容"How to Take Great Travel Photos"

Proven photo concepts each with example photos. You can use these concepts with any camera from an iPhone to a DSLR. Your friends will recognize that you have moved from snapshots to photographs when you share your travel photos. This eBook is training for you, the photographer, and is not how to use a specific camera. Carl will give suggestions of camera and accessories to which you might consider upgrading. Those with more advanced cameras will learn about new concepts and new post-processing treatments for their photos. Carl has gathered over 80 pages of photo concepts for you in this book with over 100 example photos from his fifty years of photographing, and preparing lessons for his photography classes and workshops.

Additional concepts and photos are included in this ebook so attendees of his presentations can use this eBook as a review and to learn even more about taking great travel photos. These photos and concepts have been audience- and classroom-tested and are presented for you in this inexpensive eBook.

When you are searching for Photography eBooks, look for a publication with many, many photos used as examples of the concepts, taken by the author, as you will find in Carl's eBooks. His type of eBooks are ones that you can reread to bring back to a level of consciousness the many concepts presented.

A recent TV ad said that more photos are taken by iPhones than any other camera. I would venture to say few of those users have had the kind of basic photography training that you will find in this eBook.

Carl has traveled extensively and his award-winning images can be found in studios, magazines, online, and hanging in the homes of private collectors. He uses many of his photos in the Rail Travelogues that he writes for TrainWeb.com. An index to his reports is at TrainWeb.org/carl. Carl enjoys traveling with his wife, Sue, by railways, highways, flyways, seaways, and byways, looking for quilt shops and photo opportunities.

出版Carl Morrison, MoKnowsPhotos.com, Placentia, California


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