Snakes Don't Bite in the Cotton Field

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内容There are places where you know you are safe. You feel protected, warm, stable and sometimes even free. It is a place of refuge, a stage for exploration, a garden of growth. To be in this place is mystical, almost indescribable. But, you know it is there and you know when you are not there.

People spend a lifetime searching for a refuge. Some even imagine it so strongly they try to build it or in the least, buy it. One truth about this mystical home is that money won't buy entry. Power won't buy entry. Birth might not even buy entry. Access can be gained only one way: Reflection and trust.

Join me in the cotton field.

Read this fictional-truth book to experience black southern culture, rural family life, and a part of you that yearns for safety and security.

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  • Snakes Don't Bite in the Cotton Field (English Edition)