Rowland Taylor: A Short Biography of an English Martyr

J.C. Ryle

内容Rowland Taylor was an English Protestant clergyman who was burned at the stake on February 9, 1555 under the reign of the Roman Catholic Queen Mary.

Some of Taylor's last words to his family:
"I say to my wife, and to my children, The Lord gave you unto me, and the Lord hath taken me from you, and you from me: blessed be the name of the Lord! I believe that they are blessed which die in the Lord. God careth for sparrows, and for the hairs of our heads. I have ever found Him more faithful and favorable, than is any father or husband. Trust ye therefore in Him by the means of our dear Savior Christ's merits: believe, love, fear, and obey Him: pray to Him, for He hath promised to help. Count me not dead, for I shall certainly live, and never die. I go before, and you shall follow after, to our long home."



  • Rowland Taylor: A Short Biography of an English Martyr (English Edition)




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