Richard III of England: A Brief Study (Annotated)

Alfred J. Church

内容Originally published in 1896 as a portion of the author’s larger “Stories from English History,” this Kindle edition, equivalent in length to a physical book of approximately 16 pages, describes the reign of England’s fifteenth century hunchbacked king, Richard III.

Includes supplemental material:

• A Brief Summary of the Reign of Richard III
• A Brief Plot Summary of Shakespeare’s “Richard III”

Sample passage:
And what about the two young Princes, for whose safety the Archbishop had pledged his body and soul? No man knew for certain, but few doubted that Richard had ordered them to be put out of the way. They were never heard of again, though, as we shall soon see, some people believed, or at least pretended, that one of them escaped. Some years afterwards a confession was made by two of the persons concerned in the murder, and published by King Henry VII. There were some strange things in this story, and it was of course to Henry’s interest to have it made quite certain that the Princes were dead. But on the whole we may be satisfied that the story was true. Richard, it seems, sent a certain Green to Sir Robert Brackenbury, who was Constable of the Tower, with a command that he was to put the Princes to death.

About the Author:
Alfred J. Church (1829-1912) was an English classical scholar. Other works include “Roman Life in the Days of Cicero,” “The Story of the Odyssey,” and “The Story of the Persian War.”

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  • Richard III of England: A Brief Study (Annotated) (English Edition)