Bodgie Boogie: Nation Review Features 1977-78

John Ellison Davies

内容Nation Review was an eccentric magazine, fearless, left-leaning, gonzo and funky in the funkiest decade known to history. I was its "phantom menace" roaming reporter with complete freedom to write about anything that interested me.

Among other subjects I interviewed a Vietnamese refugee poet and a film composer, reviewed Robyn Archer’s first Sydney concert, investigated claims that followers of the Maharishi could levitate, talked to idealistic Catholic seminarians, explored the emerging punk music scene, analysed the rhythm of an evening at the Astra Hotel while listening to Abba on the juke-box, and searched for a ghost in Bondi Pavilion.

These articles are collected together here for the first time. I hope you will enjoy this glimpse of life as it was in the late 1970s.

Nation Review ceased publication in 1980.

- John Ellison Davies



  • Bodgie Boogie: Nation Review Features 1977-78 (English Edition)




  • 3 Short Screenplays