Milord Goffredo

Jan Bolwell
Tiziana Stoto(編集)

内容About Milord Goffredo

Surviving cancer inspired Jan Bolwell to explore her father's own amazing survival in World War 11, first in the North African desert, then escaping in Italy and hiding two years in a cave.

This book movingly captures his reconnection with the Italian family who saved his life. Along the way there is time to reflect on fathers, daughters, and defining aspects of identity. This is story for all 'baby boomers' whose childhoods were so powerfully shaped by men who fought in foreign lands.

Jan also has created a solo theatre performance 'Standing on my Hands' based on this colourful story, which is typical of thousands of New zealand soldiers who suffered terrible war experiences, post-war trauma and the difficult adjustment to civilian life.

"All this unfolds before us with charm, humour, grace..... few have been so honoured by their children as Geoffrey Bolwell."

- Denis Welch The Listener

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