The Recruit

Andres Berger-Kiss

内容La violencia in Colombia grew after the Fascist fanatic Laureano Gómez incited others like him to bring down by any possible means the progressive presidential candidate Jorge Eliecer Gaitán, who would have been elected by a vast majority. On the day of his assassination in 1948, destruction in Bogotá became widespread (the day called el bogotazo), and the whole nation was plunged for decades into a disastrous epidemic of violence, from both the right and the left of the political spectrum, and continued later on by guerillas, paramilitaries and traffickers of narcotics. This story is a page of the early violence remembered.


He closed his eyes when he saw the grass was already taller than himself on the piece of land where his home should have been. Then he bent down fearfully and began to search among the grassroots until he found pieces of scorched wood. Yes, he had done damage equal to the one he now witnessed. He too had followed orders to kill the innocents, the children of muleteers and peasants, to harm other Indians, calling them bandits or guerrillas.



  • The Recruit (English Edition)