What I Don't Hate About Living Here: Life in NW Montana

Lucy Waymire

内容This is the flip side of my first book, "Why I Hate It Here: Life in NW Montana". Several readers have asked me if there are things I like about it here, or at least things that aren't so bad. There are, but my first book was exactly what I titled it. It was the things that drive me up the wall about living here. It was a way to release stress and frustration in what, I thought, was a somewhat humorous way.

During these beautiful days of August I finally felt ready to tackle the subject of what is good around here, both in general and in my life as it pertains to living in a log cabin on 20 acres way out on a mountain in NW Montana.

I'm no one special and there's no particular reason you should read this book, but the first one has sold well and most people seemed to enjoy it. So maybe you want to fork out the .99 and give this one a try! :)

If you haven't read the other one, you might want to buy it too, especially if you're considering a move to Montana. It's a lovely place but it can be a hard place to live.



  • What I Don't Hate About Living Here: Life in NW Montana (English Edition)