My Mama Told Me

Eleanor Lowery Martin
Marion McCann(編集)

内容A never ending supply of pretty flowers, plenty to eat and good neighbors gave one little girl a sense of complete and absolute security growing up in the 50's and 60's. A trip down memory lane and a fine tribute to the one parent who influenced Eleanor Lowery Martin the very most . She attributes her strict up-bringing to the reason of how she has been able to overcome all the trials the devil has put her through. The daughter of the "meanest woman in town" who now realizes now that no other way would have worked for Lula Mae Lowery except to keep an upper hand by instilling fear in her off-spring at the consequences if they did not behave themselves and do her bidding. You did what she said or she would take a broom to you.
Mr. John Nelson had a dairy farm on Riser Road. Eleanor's daddy was the main worker and when her brother was old enough, "Fats" began a job in the dairy barn milking early in the morning and again at night..Mr. Nelson provided a house and grew acres of corn and peas and watermelons. Potatoes and onions and other garden vegetables were free for the taking; unlike the items you could get from his wife and have her put it on the book to deduct from Daddy's money on payday. You could run up to the house and pick up some sugar, lard, flour or the old-fashioned rock salt that you put in a rag and beat with a hammer. Colorful flour sacks were to make a trendy skirt from if your mama could sew....and Lula Mae was a talented seamstress who could quilt and crochet and all manner of homemaking skills when it came to making clothes and things for the home. Another talent was growing cheery flowers and instilling words of wisdom in her children. The interesting thing about this book is the way the flowers tie several generations together. A sign it was time to write this book was when the Four O'Clocks appeared beside Eleanor's front porch...and she had not planted them. This is a true account of her life as told to Marion McCann.



  • My Mama Told Me (English Edition)