WHAT A JOURNEY-A Jamaican Experience


内容This truly inspiring, informative narrative recounted in a fascinating and humorous but factual manner which has a vivid and rich setting in the multi-faceted nature of the Jamaican culture, is a must read!

This autobiographical narrative is a real Jamaican “Hill an’ Gully ride”; a roller-coaster journey of the life of the author. An inspiring and compelling true life story of one woman’s challenging manoeuvres through dreams, aspirations, pitfalls and triumphs.

Going all the way to early childhood, this story is an engaging encounter with life’s real issues unfolding in the author’s experiences. Wrongfully accused and publicly disgraced at Primary School, an early, ‘should not have been’ marriage at 18 that was doomed from the start, unexpected and improbable events and happenings, family trials and tribulations, near death experiences, challenges beyond measure to achieve a tertiary education, impact of workplace conduct, an unlikely pregnancy, God’s divine interventions, miracles and opportunities often understood and mis-interpreted as chances are all ingredients in this thick but rich soup that is her life.

This story is one of tears and laughter, tragedies and victories again and again, but which navigated her to that missing ‘gear’ that was needed to propel her over the daunting ascents and through the deep and treacherous valleys of life’s sometimes mean circumstances. Follow the author’s unique description of a life that is deeply interwoven with those of the other residents of the district in which she grew up, and through the landscape, beliefs and practices, traversing highs and lows, bitter and sweet that sculpted a metaphor for self-discovery and character building.

An emotionally charged journey which touches on issues concerning love and marriage, the practice of flogging, acquiring an education, the impact of one’s life choices of careers and pursuance of job, sex, relationships and irreconcilable differences, gender conflicts, the understanding of God, questions of spiritual encounters and the hereafter, and why we were placed on this planet.

As the tale unfolds in the experiences of a woman committed to her faith in God, when just about to give up at the points when calamities struck, the reader will no doubt as the author did, discover a God who delivers not just on His promises but also on time.



  • WHAT A JOURNEY-A Jamaican Experience (English Edition)