Growing Up In Cambridge

Donald Fairburn

内容This is a short story that takes place in Cambridge, Massachusetts as it was eighty years ago. It is a true story, but it will not try to change your mind about what was good or bad about the past, or tell you how to deal with the present. It is written for those who have known Cambridge, since they will be able to visualize where the events took place and therefore be better able to focus on the people involved; better able to understand the things that have been lost as time has marched on. It’s intended to carry you back in time to an era you have never known; but in a place you have always known. Back to the Great Depression of the thirties and the courageous hearts of those who came through it.

出版Donald T. Fairburn


  • A Flat and a Half With Porch: Lessons from the Great Depression (English Edition)