The Photography Workbook

Eric Dahlin
Eric Dahlin(写真)

内容This is the workbook that accompanies the book Photography: Develop your skills one shot at a time. The description of that book is below. In this book you will find exercises that will help you fine tune and hone your photographic skills. You will become proficient at the skills I covered in the main book. You should become comfortable with your shooting and not have to refer to manuals or think to hard. The controls of your camera will become second nature, and manual will be easier and you will recognize the importance of getting out of the automatic zone. Remember, practice doesn't make perfect, rather perfect practice makes perfect. The more you practice the better you will become, that is how it is with everything. I hope you enjoy this workbook and that it improves your ability to take quality photographs.


This is what they didn't teach you at the Camera store. Want to become a better photographer? What do you have to do to improve? Do you need to learn the basics? Or refine your skills?

This is the book for you. It covers camera technique, from composition to advanced modes that will help you become a better photographer and improve your pictures.

If you really want to become a better photographer, you need to spend time practicing and learning how to properly use your camera to its full potential. This book will teach you to get off of automatic and achieve great results. The truth is, everyone who has the passion and desire can become a great photographer. The only real difference between professionals and novices is desire and dedication. This book will take your knowledge to a level where you can talk with other photographers and know what you are talking about. Your friends will ask you how you take such great photographs. And best of all, you will know that what makes you a great photographer, is not your camera, but your own creativity and passion. Don't be fooled by all the fancy technology out there, it is useful but it is useless if you are not equipped with the knowledge to properly use it. This book will give you the tools you need to develop your skills, one shot at a time.

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  • The Photography Workbook (English Edition)