Olyander Rabbit Moves to the Rain Forest: a One-Act adapted for 13 actors

Elizabeth Bracken Rand
Hazel Rand

内容About the Book

A rabbit named Olyander comes to live in the tropical rain forest. Two animals; Mac, a macaw and Lemmy, a ring tailed lemur, do not want an "outsider" coming to live in their forest, and they plot how to "convince" Olyander Rabbit to leave, but each plan back fires, harming only themselves. From this they learn several important lessons:

a. acceptance/tolerance of people who are different than you / who are from different cultures
b. don't be mean to others, it will only backfire on you in the end, and
c. make up your own mind if you like someone, despite what some of your peers think

There is a surprise "interracial" marriage proposal at the end and everyone lives in harmony for ever after. The play also teaches flora and fauna of the tropical rain forest.

Script Copy Information and Royalties

Two versions of this play are available: for 13 actors and for 28 actors. Both versions are adaptable to different cast sizes, by sharing lines, combining lines and/or adding non-speaking parts in crowd scenes.

To purchase production copies of the script and to pay royalties, please contact the author at randcreations@aol.com.

About the Author

Elizabeth Bracken Rand was born in England, and spent her childhood hopping between England, Australia and California. After college she move to Washington State and has been there since. She has a daughter who is a film maker and two sons at home. Besides being a writer, she has also worked as an architectural lighting designer, a theatrical lighting designer, and as a math and science teacher. She enjoys camping with family and friends, mountain sports and traveling. She owns a rental cabin in Leavenworth, WA, which you can view at www.29PinesCabin.com.

Elizabeth Bracken Rand has the following books published: “Receivings” under the pseudonym Robin Wade, in England (ISBN- 10: 1869822714, ISBN- 13: 978-1869822712), “52 Lessons I Learned About Life From Playing Solitaire: weekly inspirations” (Kindle), and the “Changes for Julian” children’s book series (Kindle).

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  • Olyander Rabbit Moves to the Rain Forest: a One-Act adapted for 13 actors (English Edition)