One Year of Art

Imperio Shanks

内容In December of 2011 I listened to the TED talk of Brene Brown and then bought her book The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are . There are many things she said in her TED talk and her book that touched me. One of them was that people who are perfectionists are motivated by the deep fear of not being perfect and that fear sometimes leads to life paralysis. I can see that happening for me in many areas. One of them is my art. There are many voices that at some time or another made a comment and for whatever reason their comment stayed with me, at least stayed with me the way I understood it. Mainly things like: “This is not pretty, nobody will really like it. It is too common/badly drawn/not professional. Anybody can do this, it is not unique/great/perfect.”

At the end of December in 2011 I took a leap and set up a project for the next year. The goal was to create roughly one piece of art per week. I intended with this challenge to create a space to feel free to play with colors, media, styles and subjects. I intended this exercise to overwhelm the guards in my mind’s door so they gave up, sat down and let the doors open wide to all ideas. My theme for 2012 was Freedom in Art. This book is the culmination of that project and a way for me to share my experience and illustrations that came out of it with you.

出版Imperio Shanks


  • One Year of Art (English Edition)