39 Conifer Cones (Souvenirs)

Leif Rogers

内容This book contains photographs of 39 conifer cones that were gathered over 60 years of vacations by my Grandmother. The locations that these cones came from are lost in her memory and as is the type of tree that the cone came from. She gave me this bag of conifer cones with the understanding that "I'd do something neat with them...eventually" and for years they sat buried, forgotten in a drawer.

Upon their rediscovery, however, a project was born. I wanted to simply document their existence and while documenting them I was intrigued by my complete ignorance about them. What kind of cone was this, where did it come from, etc. and, oddly, rather than actually investigating the realities of the matter, I attached my own narrative to them. They became souvenirs from trips I had never taken and places I had never seen.

Ultimately, it was a curious time and the 39 conifer cones became the first of several bodies of work that have since been created around the notion of souvenirs and the concept of attached importance based on fantasy rather than reality.

出版Leif Rogers


  • 39 Conifer Cones (Souvenirs Book 1) (English Edition)