How to Beat the System without Going to Jail

Marc Charles
James Tesler(編集)

内容The secret world of comps, big discounts, VIP treatment and cash. Marc Charles shares his secrets for cheating your way to the American Dream without risking jail time. A special section on insider tactics Marc used for getting deep discounts on prime real estate.

Table of Contents
Introduction - How to Beat “The System” without Going to Jail!
Billionaire Negotiation Tactic Anyone Can Use
How to Grab Automobiles, Motorcycles, RVs and More at Deep Discounts
A Closely Guarded Secret for Buying Land, Homes and Businesses at Deep Discounts
How to Obtain Monster Discounts at Restaurants and Nightclubs
Money, Money, Money!
The Best Kept Secret for Deep Discount Airline Travel
A Simple Way to Save 20-60% on Luxury Travel, Hotels, Resorts and Other Accommodations
Legal Scalping! The Secret to Attending Concerts, Special Events and Sporting Events Free of Charge
Mind Boggling Discounts on Advertising and Marketing
Tell the Plumber to Take a Hike! Never Overpay for Trade Services Again
How to Build a Home without a Mortgage
The Art of Cruising for Free
9 Ways to Grab Physical Labor Super Cheap (and never risk going to jail)
Stop the Merry-Go-Round - Never Pay Retail for College or Certification Again!
The Highest CD Rates in the US Right Now!
An Unusual Place to Pick Up Collectibles, Art and Other Things at Huge Savings
The Best “Off-Market” Location for Precious Metals, Gemstones and Jewelry
The Inside Scoop for Collecting Cash from the U.S. Government for Business or Personal Use
Marc’s Deep Thoughts on Big Discounts
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