Income for Life Dividend Secrets

James Tower
David Newcastle(編集)

内容This book reveals the methods for generating stable income for the short term or retirement. Dr. James Tower reveals the hottest dividend paying trends and companies. You will learn about 299 “Under the Radar” Companies Paying Dividend Yields as High as 58%.

Stock dividends are in a class by themselves. Across the entire global spectrum of investment options dividends are often the most reliable forms of income, present relatively lower than average risk, and offer attractive tax benefits.

Table of Contents
Introduction – The Secret is Out
Why Companies Pay Dividends
5 Tricks CPAs and Analysts Use When Evaluating Companies
Three Things to Consider with Foreign Dividend Stocks
19 Companies with the Longest Dividend Payment Records
299 “Under the Radar” Companies Paying Dividend Yields as High as 58%
700+ Publicly Traded Companies Currently Paying Dividends
Dividend Income Tools and Resources
A Powerful Wealth Producing Formula
The Stock Market and Public Opinion in 1917
36 Companies Planning Dividend Increases
Closing Remarks
About the Author

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