The Hidden Benefits in Schedule A

C. Ingraham RTRP

内容“Hidden Tax Benefits in Schedule A” will help you understand several major tax loopholes which have been used by savvy tax payers for years. The truth is, once you understand the benefits, which are available to everyone, you too can take advantage of the tax benefits, or not.

Just as Congress can plug-up these tax loopholes with a single vote, “Hidden Tax Benefits in Schedule a” explains how Congress could increase tax revenue from millions to billions just by changing a tax code formula by 1 to 2%. These types of changes could make a significant difference in a tax return. "Hidden Benefits in Schedule A" can help prepare you for tax changes, and explain basic tax loopholes that are used by millions.

“The Hidden Benefits in Schedule A” explains the proposed tax loopholes in easy to understand English. After reading you will understand why some taxpayers are screaming that the wealthy don't pay enough taxes, without fully understanding that they too can use the same tax codes to help lower tax liabilities, or not.

More importantly, this eBook gives the reader insight into the ways of the wealthy when it comes to the IRS. Few of the very wealthy rely on a Schedule A to reduce their taxes, high W2 wage earners, on the other hand, have little choice.

The eBook also touches upon the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) and how to try and avoid this sleeper tax.

See the Title of the Chapters below:

Chapter 1. The Wealthy Man & the IRS
Chapter 2. Meet Kenneth & His Wife
Chapter 3. Getting Up Close & Personal with Schedule A
Chapter 4. Deferred Income - The Ways of the Wealthy
Chapter 5. Things to Watch Out For



  • The Hidden Benefits in Schedule A: Updated May 2014 (Tax Loopholes Book 3) (English Edition)