Saving and investing for financial freedom

Peter Giles Wheels

内容The purpose of this document is to get all the time in the world for tomorrow, not having to work. But to live we need to feed, clothe, and more things, if we lived in prehistory we could get on our own food and clothing, but today is impossible, so let's save to get enough money to pay these this food and clothes, and since we live in the kind of society we live in, the other things that have become necessary (leisure, transport, sanitation, telephone, etc ...).
The philosophy of this document is based on the story of Robinson Crusoe. Imagine that shipwrecked on a desert island and after five years back to civilization, and that during this time (five years) have been charging our salary and a "good investment" has been working with our money for maximum profitability and has also been reinvesting interest and our salary every month. What we find upon our return to civilization? They have increased exponentially our money.



  • Saving and investing for financial freedom (English Edition)