89 Best Money Saving Tips

Bob Best

内容If you’re looking for a massive book full of advice on saving money that would take hours to read, this isn’t it. It’s a fast reading book with 89 quick tips designed to help you save money. I’ve been writing on money management and debt for nearly 30 years and this book represents the best tips I’ve been able to find. It’s organized into eight categories that range from tips on saving money on groceries to how to cut your energy costs and from how to save on money on entertainment to how to reduce your transportation costs. The majority of these tips are simple, little things you could do that won’t cost you a cent. I’ve never added it up but I believe that if you were to follow most of the tips in this book, you could easily save $300 a month and without sacrificing your lifestyle. I hope you find it useful.

出版Bob Best Publishing


  • Money Saving Tips - The Best 89 Ways To Save Money (English Edition)