DEBT-DEFYING TRICKS – Frustrate Bill-Collecting DICKS! (FunnyEBooks.com)

David Samson

内容Right at your fingertips, you have the MOST powerful weapon ever conceived for dealing with blood-sucking creditors.

It's your PHONE!

And with our foolproof system, your phone makes you INVINCIBLE when dealing with scummy banks or collection agencies, no matter what time they call!

On the phone say anything you want, pretend to be anything you want. You're under NO OBLIGATION to be honest with all these leeches and parasites.

In other words, use the phone to become a total PHONY!

Until now, they've been setting all the rules – therefore you're ENTITLED to make them total fools!

Find out loads of hilarious strategies for driving them NUTS!

Get this e-book. And from this day forward, creditors will no longer abuse you – they'll AMUSE you!

出版The Funny Guy Company


  • DEBT-DEFYING TRICKS – Frustrate Bill-Collecting DICKS! (FunnyEBooks.com Book 29) (English Edition)