Coach Yourself to Wealth

Shirley McKinnon

内容Very few of our decisions are based on logical thinking. Add money to the equation and the emotional barometer foes through the roof...

One of the biggest barriers to achieving financial success - whether it be personal or in business - is our attitude towards money and wealth.

Our attitudes and perceptions form an invisible barrier, affecting how we approach wealth creation, our actions, and the decisions we make.

Whether you are in sales, business or consulting, or just have the desire to become financially successful, Coach Yourself to Wealth will help you disover and overcome the invisible barriers that stand between you and financial success.

Author Shirley McKinnon draws on her experience as a personal coach to reveal simple techniques that will change your approach towards money and wealth. Coach Yourself to Wealth also includes exercises that will help you put your new knowledge into practice.

Bursting with real-life examples of how negative attitudes or previous experience can alter your perceptions, Coach Yourself to Wealth will inspire you to assess your hiidden beliefs and move on to bigger and better things!



  • Coach Yourself to Wealth (English Edition)