SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive

Robert Caveney

内容Today's system of schooling has two profound shortcomings.

First, the centralized planning & control interferes with professional, autonomous action on the part of teachers and principals, those closest to the needs of students.

Secondly, the centralized planning & control is in conflict with student' self-initiative and drive.

Education adopted the Scientific Management method which was invented about 1890 by Frederick Winslow Taylor.
None other than Peter Drucker (one of the most influential management gurus of the last 100 years) says Scientific Management does not work for knowledge work.

Education has not yet adopted Modern Management, which does work for knowledge work.

This book provides step-by-step instructions for evolving from the Scientific Management of 1890 to the Modern Management of today.

This book is not about teaching. It isn't even about learning. This book has one subject only: the system of schooling.



  • SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive (English Edition)