The 5 Day Guitar Method (For Beginners) Learn Everything you Need to Know to Play Your Favorite Songs by the Weekend

Damien Peters

内容This book is aimed at the complete beginner and is based on a straight-forward method learned from many years of trial and error teaching thousands of classes to hundreds of students. It is divided into four easy to read chapters which contain all the information needed to get you started on the road to guitar mastery.

With this book you can literally start learning on Monday and PLAY A SONG you love on the guitar BY THE WEEKEND. All you need is this book a guitar, a pick and some free online resources that you'll find in the book.

It includes:

• Easy-to-follow lessons on chords, riffs, solos, and tablature

• Clear instructions for choosing the right guitar for you for both acoustic and electric

• 2 simple items that will save you tons of wasted time and frustration as you begin learning

The GREAT thing about LEARNING to play the GUITAR

With an instrument like piano or violin it is necessary to be able to read music in order to learn, but with the guitar reading music is not necessary. With the right foundation and resources (which I’ll show you) you can teach yourself how to play the songs you love.

There has never been a better or easier time to learn to play an instrument. With the advent of broadband, laptops and smart phones every song you ever wanted to learn is instantly available to you. You can hear the song on YouTube or Spotify, Google the lyrics and chords, and teach yourself the song in minutes, or even seconds if you’ve been playing a while.

After reading this book you will be able to:

• Teach yourself any song you like, and with practice, master it.

• You’ll know how to pick out a quality guitar suited exactly to your needs, and then how to keep that guitar in perfect playing condition.

• You’ll be able to strum chords, pick out riffs, and if you want, blaze through solos.

All the knowledge anyone starting out learning the guitar needs to know is here. You will, quite literally, be able to teach yourself guitar.


Damien Peters first began playing in guitar in 1996, and gave his first guitar lesson in 2001. Since then he has taught and played in Ireland as well as Asia in a number of bands and different music schools. Today he plays most weekends, covering the classics, and teaches during the week at Simphony Music School in Phnom Penh.

In his own words:

I got my first guitar when I was about seven years old. It was a tiny little classical guitar with nylon strings, and I never really learned to play anything on it. I always intended to learn properly though, and a few years later I got an electric for Christmas. That was the start of a bit of an obsession. Since then I’ve played in a lot of bands, given thousands of lessons to hundreds of students, and even taken a couple of years out to study music seriously in college when I left school.

When I started playing in the early nineties, nobody really had the internet (at least around where I lived), and even then it was nothing like what it is today with free videos on YouTube giving you everything from the music videos to free lessons on exactly how to play each song. If you wanted to learn, someone had to show you, or you bought books and learned from them. In the early days I spent a fortune on lessons, books, and magazines learning everything I could about the guitar.

Luckily though, if you’re starting today you can save yourself all the expense and hassle of learning that way. Learning music is more accessible now than probably anytime before. This book is intended to get you started off with all of the basics you need to get started. After that, everything from the songs themselves to the chords for them are out there just waiting for you. Best of Luck!



  • The 5 Day Guitar Method (For Beginners) Learn Everything you Need to Know to Play Your Favorite Songs by the Weekend (English Edition)